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Handcrafted / Custom Order-Musky

Handcrafted / Custom Order-Musky

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Because each of our customs can be an unique build with countless options, I feel it is important to discuss each handcrafted build with you so you understand what would be the perfect stick for you.  Below are a couple of the important discussion points.  

  1. Action and lengthMost sticks can be built out to 10 feet.  I have four different rod powers available: Medium Heavy, Heavy, Extra-Heavy, and Extra-Extra-Heavy.  Each action is very different but collectively they can handle the full spectrum of musky techniques, from the smallest early-season baits to baits weighing up to 2 pounds.
  2. Rear handle lengthThis measurement is made from the base of the reel seat to the butt end of the stick.  While there are standard lengths, this can be very much individual preference.
  3. Reel SeatSome of the biggest changes in rod construction over the past several years have been in reel seats. You can have your rod built with a standard Fuji, Fuji palming seat, and of course the new Revolution (Outdoor Grips) reel seat.  The Revolution grips are a game changer for throwing big baits all day!  You owe it to yourself to check them out.
  4. Handle material and shapeYou have a choice. The classic look of high quality natural cork or the no-slip grip and durability of Syncork.  Whichever material you choose, each handle is individually shaped to your specifications on a special lathe.
  5. Guides.  I build on stamped frame guides as my base guide.  They are a great guide that are light weight and strong as heck.
  6. Personalize it.  This is the fun part of making your stick yours. Thread color combinations and custom inscriptions are both available. There are so many options it's impossible to describe them all. If you'd like to see some examples to help you generate ideas for your rod, visit my Facebook page or find me on Instagram via the links at the bottom of the page.
  7. Payment.  I don't take any money down.  Rods are completed in the order they are received.  The balance is due before shipment.  


Cell: 612-802-4629