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About us

My name is Keith Terlinden and I am the founder/rod builder behind KT Professional Edge Custom Fishing Rods.  First and foremost, Thank you for looking and checking out the products.  I know that time is valuable and that you are looking to make the best choice for your fishing needs.  I value you as a potential customer and I hope I can help answer your questions so you get exactly what you are looking for. 
This company was founded in 2004 on my determination to build the best performing fishing rod in the market today without having to pay major manufactured price.  It is that same determination and passion that continues to push me today.  What I found out about myself since 2004 is even though I love building the best sticks in the market, I also love the individual handcrafting I do throughout the process.  I have built rods many different ways including preformed handle kits but I always kept coming back to handcrafting from scratch.  This company will never be the biggest fishing rod company but I do strive on each build to be the best.  Plus there is something special about using my hands to build a piece of equipment that brings satisfaction to the person using it.  That's really kinda cool!  
Rod Building
Since I started building in 2004, I have met, worked with, and became friends with some of the best anglers and rod builders in the business.  These relationships have helped me hone my skills as a builder and has also allowed me to listen to what they expect and desire in fishing sticks.         
After building hundreds of custom fishing rods since 2004, it still comes down to my love of handcrafting a piece of fishing equipment and being able to pass it onto somebody that will enjoy using it.  FOR NOW, KT Professional Edge is still a hobby business.  I continue to build each fishing rod one at a time to ensure the highest quality I can possibly give.  None of the rods I build today are mass produced or built by anyone other then me.  100% of the building process is completed with my two hands.  My family does help me clean up after I've made a mess and prepared them for shipping!  No part of the process is rushed.  All rods are completed in the order they are received.